The Latest Look: Our Winning Organic Marketing Strategy

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Charlotte Rudd
by: Charlotte Rudd

Digital strategy for beauty brands – it’s what we do. As well as excellent paid promotions, we know the value of organic performance for growth.

What do we mean by ‘organic’ though, and what’s our approach exactly? In this Latest Look article, we find out by reviewing a recent client case study, in which we grew organic revenue by 100%

What Is Organic Marketing?

The most simple definition of organic marketing is: any marketing activity that doesn’t involve paid ads or promotions.

When you first consider organic marketing, you might think about content – blogs for instance, or social media. In fact, organic marketing covers a much larger range of channels and activities than you might think.

Here are some of the organic marketing services we offer our clients:


There are a wide range of ways you can optimise your on-site content to improve the user experience, encourage customers to spend more time on your website, and ultimately make a purchase. We’ll often spend time re-writing meta titles and meta descriptions, adding relevant copy to product and category pages, and addressing broken links. These organic SEO activities will be centred around the keywords we’ve recommended you target, based on thorough market research and consumer insights. This activity ultimately helps improve your presence in search engine results pages (SERPs) and the user experience on your site.

Digital PR

By curating interesting stories for the press, we exchange your company’s insight and creative spark for valuable backlinks and media coverage.

Digital PR is an important tool for building your online presence and authority, and boosting trust in your brand.

Social Media

Social media platforms aren’t simply advertising spaces – they exist to build communities and connections. Organic social media content is an important tool we use to help shout about brand values, give insight into your company and establish relationships with your audience.

Blog Writing

Well-written blog content performs an important function by helping your website organically gain visibility and attract more traffic. By tapping into popular topics and providing answers to the questions your audience are asking, you become a go-to source for insight and inspiration – without paid ads.

Our Approach to Organic Marketing

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For each of the beauty brands we work with, we create a unique digital marketing strategy based on a number of factors. including: the market, the brand’s audience, and their unique selling points. Ultimately, the strategy is tailored to their individual growth goals.

For vibrant brush and makeup brand Spectrum Collections, our case study clearly shows the value of  a strong organic marketing strategy – which resulted in a 100% increase in organic revenue.

Technical Improvements

First, we conducted a thorough website audit to identify any technical issues.

Technical improvements are sometimes an overlooked organic marketing activity, but is something that can have a noticeable and lasting impact.

Combined, all these factors make a significant difference to the usability of a website, as well as impacting how well it’s likely to rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Top-Performing Pages

Not all organic marketing activities involve creating entirely new content. One of our key priorities for Spectrum was monitoring pages that were already performing well, so we could maintain and build on this success.

Data heavily influences our decisions, and so by diving into Spectrum’s analytics we were able to identify top-performing pages and optimise them for greater organic success.

Continued Optimisation

E-commerce websites can have a number of reoccurring issues that benefit from ongoing optimisation, and this was a key focus area in our Spectrum strategy.

Organic marketing isn’t a ‘one and done’ project – instead, continually assessing your site allows you to stay ahead. We spot problems as they arise and implement quick fixes to maintain your site’s health.

Build, and Grow

While it’s important to keep an eye on your existing content, spotting new opportunities for growth is another key area of organic marketing, and an area we specialise in.

Here at Foundation, we recommend maintaining a schedule of in-depth analysis – of your competitors, of high-ranking content, and the SERPs. By gaining insight into trending topics and rising subjects of interest, we’re able to keep our finger on the pulse and quickly create content that has a high ranking potential.

Why Invest in Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing will never not be beneficial. It’s a method of digital marketing that puts brands in front of relevant audiences at various stages of the purchasing funnel, without paying for every click or impression.

What’s more, organic marketing is never finished. Just like time, optimising for organic traffic and purchases never ends. Algorithms change, trends fluctuate, new keywords are introduced. So, you need to work with an agile marketing partner who can support your brand through constant change.

We’re firm believers of using organic marketing for business growth.

From our Spectrum case study, you can see how valuable organic marketing can be.


However, the benefits of organic marketing stretch beyond revenue. With a solid organic marketing strategy, you can also:

  • Increase brand trust and authority.
  • Engage better with your audience.
  • Grow and diversify audiences.
  • Drive on-site traffic.
  • Enjoy better visability and brand recognition.

Do you have an organic strategy in place? Would you like a hand in creating one?

Let’s Talk

Want to get the ball rolling with a flawless organic marketing strategy? We can help. Here at Foundation, we specialise in digital marketing for the beauty industry. So, if you’re looking for a partner to help take things to the next level, contact our team today.

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