What’s Changed In Beauty Online And What You Can Do About It

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Emily Benwell
by: Emily Benwell
We teamed up with Google and The Pull Agency to bring the beauty industry up-to-date with what’s happening in the digital beauty space.

Today, we heard first-hand from Google’s Agency Lead and the ex-Director Of Ecommerce UK & EMEA for Esteé Lauder about the changes Google has seen pre and post COVID and what this means for the future of beauty, and also from two experienced agencies sharing their insights into how to compete in the digital space – with tips to supercharge your brand and path to purchase, and reaching new audiences on Tik Tok, THE place for user-generated content.

If you missed the live event at 10am this morning, the recorded webinar is available below.

To download Virginia’s presentation slides “Reaching new audiences and getting it right on TikTok”, shared between 03:23 and 37:11, click here.

Virginia at The Pull Agency covers:

  • TikTok stats & overview of the platform
  • How brands need to think/adapt to fit in on this platform
  • How to get started
  • Examples of brands getting it right
  • TikTok ad campaigns

To download our presentation slides “How To Supercharge Your Brand”, shared between 37:12 and 59:10, click here.

In a fast-paced and ever more crowded marketplace, every edge you can get counts towards outmaneuvering your competitors. Exploring brand new research from Google, we discuss how to navigate the new path to purchase and how you can utilise simple cognitive biases in your content, ads and across your website to make your brand more attractive to potential customers.

Talk Structure

  • The New Path to Purchase: The Messy Middle and the Four E’s
  • How To Reach Customers At The Right Time
  • Introduction to Cognitive Biases
  • Results of the Google Study – What Effect Does Introducing Different Cognitive Biases and Supercharging Have?
  • How to Supercharge Your Brand – Implementing cognitive biases across the customer experience

To download Katie’s “Beauty with Google. Ensuring Future Success” slides, shared from 59:10, click here.

Katie at Google covers:

  • Pre & Post Covid Overview
  • The Future of Beauty
  • How to Future Proof Your Brand

During the live event, we invited attendees to ask questions during our talks. Here is a snippet of some of those questions:

#1 “Not looking for a hard sell? How is [TikTok] so good for commerce, then?”
– If you’re spending £££ then you’ll see some good results from commerce! However TikTok are working with Shopify to integrate purchases direct in the platform, so this is something they are working on to make commerce much much better.

#2 “How is an engagement defined on TikTok?”
– TikTok engagement is defined via shares, likes and comments. Same as other social platforms 🙂

#3 “Is there any particular industry, where you see more ads?”
– Not particularly. Ads are based on my profile interests, so ads are tailored to me. For example, I don’t see ads about cars because I don’t have much of a petrol head on me, but I do for fashion, beauty/skincare and food.

#4 “What is the name of the Google study?”
– Decoding Decisions – The Messy Middle of Purchase Behavior.

#5 “Any difference in gender? So are women more likely to switch than men?”
– The study itself didn’t break down genders. With up to 90% of purchasers flipping from Brand A to Brand B, I would suggest it’s similar across genders once you supercharge your brand.

And remember, for any other questions our emails are open, so please contact us.

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