Emerging Brands V Established Stockists

A historic challenge for emerging brands is brand competition: how can a small brand compete with established businesses for visibility online? This goes a step further in the beauty and skincare industry, where new brands have high-profile stockists to compete with.

The last 18 months have transformed the beauty industry, with emerging brands competing against established stockists in new and interesting ways.

In this white paper, we provide essential reading for challenger beauty brands. Join us as we explore the interplay between established stockists and new brands, and reveal how to come out on top, in both the best-sellers list and the search results.

Small But Mighty

How can an emerging brand boost their visibility and establish more of a presence online, without sacrificing the reach they gain from their stockists?

Who is currently overcoming this challenge, how are they doing it, and what can we learn?

Read the white paper, and you will gain access to insightful hints and tips for your new or boutique brand, enabling you to compete successfully.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

As our data proves, beauty brands should avoid a “one size fits all” approach to digital marketing: what works for beauty conglomerates is unlikely to work for newer challenger brands. If you’re interested in learning the differences and being guided by strategies backed by research, this document is for you.

A question we’re often asked at Foundation is ‘how can emerging beauty brands compete with the big guns online?’ This white paper answers it.

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We Go Further.

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