Paid Media

By utilising the most advanced targeting techniques Foundation get your brand front and center with your target market, building brand awareness, trust and loyalty as well as driving sales.

The Beauty Is In The ROI


We see some of the highest number of conversions and best ROIs with Google Shopping. Our method is not about putting your product in front of as many people as possible, but in front of those who will buy it. We take the same audience-centric approach here as we do for all our services, to get the most out of your media spend.

Paid Search

Our PPC team won a UK Biddable Media (2020) award because we are hot on the heels of new opportunities, take a creative approach and because we use our expertise in the beauty industry to deliver market-leading results. Our strategy is to take a granular approach and filter ads to make your spend go further. The beauty is in the ROI.

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Social Media

Social media is home to millions of engaged communities, and we know just how to join them. We’ll put a stop to money being wasted from shouting into the void, and put it to better use with a little social savvy. We’ll protect your brand, place you in front of the right consumers, and start meaningful conversations that resonate with them to form the strongest of brand loyalties.


Display advertising is still one of the strongest ways to get your brand noticed, with ad placements across Google’s Display Network, it enables businesses to display their adverts across a range of relevant, authoritative sites. Stepping outside the boundaries of search. What’s more, click/view costs tend to be lower so long as sophisticated targeting techniques are applied.

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Programmatic display advertising makes paid search campaigns smarter, leaner and more effective, and the likelihood is your competitors aren’t using it yet. It’s an opportunity for you to get ahead of the curve, and reach new audiences that your competitors aren’t.

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